Ultratech International Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in design and manufacturing of variable types of finned heat exchangers, which can be used forˇG

  • Process gas to liquid heat exchange
  • Process gas to steam heat exchange
  • Air to liquid heat exchange
  • Air to steam heat exchange

Main applications areˇG

  • Vent gas from solvent storage tankˇGVOC Condenser
  • Vent gas from loading truckˇGVOC Condenser
  • Vent gas from reactorˇGVent Condenser
  • Air DehumidificationˇG
    Air Cooler˘ADehumidifier˘ADemister
  • Compressed Air˘AN2 from BlowerˇG
    Air Cooler˘ADehumidifier˘ADemister
  • Hot air from Coating˘ADrying OvenˇG
    Hot Air Cooler˘ADehumidifier
  • Vent gas from Tower˘ADrumˇGOverhead Condenser
  • Heat RecoveryˇG
    Wasteheat Recover H.E., BFW Preheater

ULTRATECH HAS comprehensive experiences and professional background over Finned Heat Exchange field which covers the following partsˇG

  • FEASIBILITY STUDY and design for systems which may use finned heat exchangers, Ultratech's process engineers can integrate the upstream and downstream systems for the exchangers.
  • THERMO RATING SOFTWARE for designing variable fluid composition of process gas, we can compute over 300 chemicals which cover most of the plants in use.
  • CUSTOMIZED DESIGN for special types and spaces as per clients' request.
  • Stress analysis and commit to ASME code.
  • Technical consultancy and safety assessment for heat exchanging systems and equipment.

Types of finned heat exchangersˇG

  • Low Pressureˇ]LPˇ^Gas Heat Exchanger
  • High Pressureˇ]HPˇ^Gas Heat Exchanger
  • Fan Cooler
  • Wasteheat Recovery Heat Exchanger