Operation Condition¡G

Shell Side

Pressure between -1,000 mmWC to ¡Ï1,000 mmWC

Fluid¡GGas or Saturated Vapor

Tube Side

Pressure up to 30 bars

Fluid¡G Water¡BCoolant¡BRefrigerant¡BSteam¡BHot Oil¡BProcess Liquid

Material of Construction

Fin - Aluminum¡BCopper¡BStainless Steel¡BTi¡Bor with Phenolic Coating
Tube - Copper¡BStainless Steel¡BTi¡Bor with Phenolic Coating
Shell - C.S.¡BStainless Steel¡Bor with FRP lining¢APTFE coating


Fixed or Removal Core¡BHorizontal or Vertical


VOC Condenser¡BChemical Process Vent Condenser¡BAir Heater¢ACooler¡BStripper Condenser¡B Air Dehumidifier